At Four Scorpio Productions Web Design, we specialize in custom-made entertainment sites, such as actor's sites and movie sites, since we are in the same business. The web is the 21st Century's top marketing tool for entertainment professionals.

We feel that a custom site, rather than a low-budget template site will help you stand out from the rest of your competition with your own unique branding.

Create a "One-Stop Shop" where you can house not only your online picture & resume, but also your voice and video demo reels.

Having your own website helps to market you directly to producers, directors and other creative individuals who routinely use the Web for their own resources. These people are often the ones who can book you directly for a job.

You can host your demo reel on a video site such as YouTube, and embed the code on your page, creating an embedded link directly to your video content.

Contact me via e-mail for more information.

- William Joseph Hill, Webmaster