Season 1 Episodes – That Darn Girlfriend

Episode 1: Pilot                                                                                            

Meet Valerie & Vic, a groovy live-in couple with wacky adventures!  Valerie mistakenly books the wrong destination on Vic’s plane ticket for a business trip.

Episode 2: Deja Who?

Vic recognizes a face in Life Magazine and wants to know if Valerie recognizes him too.

Episode 3: An Apple A Day

Valerie orders an Apple to help Vic with doing their taxes.

Episode 4: Vowelerie

Valerie & Vic play a friendly game of Scrabble.

Episode 5: It’s In The Stars

Valerie gives Vic his daily horoscope.

Episode 6:  A Stitch In Time

Vic asks Valerie to repair a clothing item while he does laundry.

Episode 7:  Mystery Date

Vic’s too sick to take Valerie to the dance, so he asks his doppelganger Davy Jones to fill in for the evening.

Episode 8:  Now & Zen

Vic wins a meditation tape from work and he and Valerie try meditating.

Episode 9:  Flashback Friday: A Very Special Episode

Episode 10:  Hung Up On You

Vic makes a special Valentine’s gift for Valerie.

Episode 11:  Mask-Erade

Valerie decides to give Vic a facial mask treatment.

Episode 12: Timing Is Everything

A strange, mind-bending season finale that pays tribute to “Somewhere In Time”.