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What is an Impact Character?

In my last two newsletters, I explored the protagonist and antagonist characters as they relate to fiction writing.  This month, I wanted to talk about a third character, the impact (or influence) character. What is the impact character?  There are many definitions and theories, but the … MOREWhat is an Impact Character?

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How to Write a Great Villain!

Last month, I gave a few tips on how to write a compelling protagonist.  This month, I’d like to focus on your Antagonist, or villain.  Having a great “bad guy” (or gal) is part of what makes a great story, whether Grendel in Beowulf, or … MOREHow to Write a Great Villain!

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William’s Martial Arts Journey

As we begin this new year, I thought that it might be interesting to share more personal stuff with you.  I’ve been training for the longer part of my life now, and intend to keep doing it as long as possible.  Here’s my story. I began my … MOREWilliam’s Martial Arts Journey

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