The 4K vs 1080p Debate

Whenever you’re planning on shooting a film digitally, you need to figure out what resolution you want to shoot at. Now that digital cinema has almost been around for two decades, there are more options available than ever. 2K, 4K, even 8K resolutions are possible. … MOREThe 4K vs 1080p Debate

My Debut Novel!

So I guess now I am a published author. It’s kind of exciting knowing that you actually wrote a book; actually a novel, to be more precise. I had never thought that I would have done this after writing the screenplay, but in retrospect, it … MOREMy Debut Novel!

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The Inception of Cyber Fighter

by William Joseph Hill In mid-summer 1999, the idea for Cyber Fighter was created.  I was doing an acting role with an action filmmaker on a sizzle reel for his project that he was trying to get off the ground.  One day I remarked off-handedly … MOREThe Inception of Cyber Fighter

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Introducing Cyber Fighter!

We’re really excited to introduce our brand new production blog which is going to chronicle a very important story — the development and production of Cyber Fighter which has been in the works since 1999. This project was originally meant to be just a low-budget film … MOREIntroducing Cyber Fighter!

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