Introducing Cyber Fighter!

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We’re really excited to introduce our brand new production blog which is going to chronicle a very important story — the development and production of Cyber Fighter which has been in the works since 1999.

Current Poster Concept

This project was originally meant to be just a low-budget film to showcase my acting/comedy/martial arts skills. But over the past 2 decades, it’s evolved into its own story and universe which we want to bring to audiences of the 21st Century.

Currently, we are working on not only a short film version of the feature script, but I’ve written a novel based on the feature, as well as a comic book (graphic novel) based on the short script which we intend to produce this year (2019).

Over the next several weeks & months, we will be blogging our progress with this project – documenting the entire filmmaking process from where we are today to its inevitable release. All of the excitement, frustration, challenges and triumphs will be documented here and on a video diary which we’ll link on this blog as well.

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