The Official Comics Adaptation of CYBER FIGHTER is here!

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The official comic book adaptation, not of the novel…but of the CYBER FIGHTER short film script.

We are hoping to go into production later this year.  It’s different from the 2017 comic in that this new and updated version contains the actual production design for the film and will match both the live action and animated portions.

I was inspired by the old Marvel adaptation of Star Wars, back in 1977.  When you adapt a movie into a comic book, you have to get creative with dialogue and exposition.  The advantage with comics, is you can put a whole lot into one panel as you can see below.  

I’ve spent many months learning the art of comic book creation. 

Using DAZ Studio, the very same software I used to create the animation for the movie, I’ve been able to render out the characters and locations which saved a LOT of time creating the artwork.

The action scenes are based on actual storyboards and pre-visualization sequences for the short film.   With my martial arts background, I’ve rendered these according to actual fighting techniques. 

I wanted to make it fast-paced and dynamic, like a really good movie fight, along with humor and sci-fi elements.  Hopefully you’ll want to come along for the ride!

I think you’ll get a “kick” out of it!

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